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Last Updated: Saturday June 18 2005 10:17 GMT

Doctor Who boss explains Bad Wolf

Christopher Ecclestone and Billie Piper
It may not seem like it, but amazingly it's been almost three months since Doctor Who and his time-travelling Tardis spun back onto our screens.

Now, 12 action-packed episodes later, it's time for the finale, and no-one knows how it's all going to turn out.

But that's not exactly right, as one man knows everything there is to know about the Doctor, Rose, the Daleks and most important of all, the mysterious Bad Wolf!

Newsround Showbiz grabbed series executive producer Russell T Davies to try and find out what fate awaits the Doctor and his pals...

The Daleks are back again aren't they?
"The Daleks are an old, old creation from 1963 and it's like they were waiting for computer graphics to come around because they're the perfect creature to recreate in a computer.

"Suddenly their time has come and we can have armies of half a million of them, it's brilliant!"

How did you make them scary?
"There are things that happen in this last episode that are very scary and really, really ramp them back up to being truly vicious. But there is something fun about them too.

Dr Who boss Russell T Davies
Russell wouldn't tell any Doctor Who secrets
All series there have been references to the Bad Wolf, what's that about?

"You've got to stay and watch the last episode, everything is explained then. It's not necessarily a great evil force. No-one has ever actually never said that, it just feels like it because the words Bad Wolf sound like that, but it might just take you a little bit by surprise."

Was it difficult to drop in the references?
"It was dropped in very lightly because I sort of thought no one would pick up on it and I thought if it doesn't quite work we'll just drop it in the last episode and cut it out.

"But much to my surprise there's been newspaper articles and interviews about it. It's all gone a bit out of control, but in a good way, in a really exciting way.

"It's part of the buzz of Doctor Who, it's fun and it's exciting and there's mystery. It's just an indication that the programme is working, it's taking off and that's lovely"

Have you gone on the internet to see what people think Bad Wolf is?
"I avoid the internet because if I didn't go mad, I'd never get any work done!

"I like that, I like the fact that it's making people think and it's making them be creative and come up with all sorts of stories in their heads."

How did the Bad Wolf plotline get into the shows?
"I was the only person who knew what was going on because I've written eight episodes and am the executive producer. I dropped it into other writer's scripts and didn't tell them what was going on because I did think it might not work."

So what's the secret of Bad Wolf?
"It's random. People have been calling things Bad Wolf, but they haven't been aware calling it bad wolf has any significance. There's something very random happening in the universe that's all gathering together to...

"It's going to be marvellous!"

Watch the interview with Russell T Davies on Newsround Showbiz at 3.50pm on the CBBC channel. The final episode of Doctor Who is on BBC1 at 7pm on Saturday.

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