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Last Updated: Friday June 17 2005 06:37 GMT

Basking sharks moving to Scotland

Basking Shark
The biggest fish in Britain - the Basking shark - is moving to Scotland and it could be down to global warming.

Since 2001 sightings of the sharks in Scottish waters have jumped by a whopping 65%, but are down 66% in south-west England.

The figures come from the Marine Conservation Society, which has been studying sharks for the last 17 years.

They think the sharks are heading to Scotland to follow their fave food in search of cooler water to live in.

Between 1987 and 2004 the MCS Shark Watch has received more than 6,500 reports letting them know where sharks have been seen.

In the past the Isle of Man and south-west England have been the best places to spot sharks, but now Hebrides, the Minches, Shetland and the Clyde coast are the places to head for.

Basking sharks can weigh more than five tonnes, and can filter the same amount of sea water every hour as there is in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

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