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Last Updated: Thursday December 16 2004 15:28 GMT

New monkey species found in India

Arunchal macaque MD Madhusudan
A completely new species of monkey has been photographed by a team of researchers working in India.

The monkey is a member of the macaque family, and was spotted in the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Called the Arunachal macaque, the new monkey is fairly large, brown and has quite a short tail.

The scientists were surprised to find this new mammal in India because the country has so many people, they thought it would have been seen before.

Although this is the first time it's been officially recorded, locals have known about the beast for a while.

The Dirang Monpa people call it mun zala, which means "deep-forest monkey".

Recent expeditions to the area have found deer, the black barking deer, and the Chinese goral (an animal related to the goat).

All these animals were previously unknown to scientists, who have called Arunachal "India's last unknown frontier".

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