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Last Updated: Thursday December 16 2004 16:12 GMT

Worksheet: If I started a charity

Band Aid 20's single Feed The World
People usually give their time or money away because they want to make the world a fairer place.

1. Which of these describe the world you'd like to see most?

  • Where human rights are given to everyone
  • Where everyone has enough to live on and feed their families
  • Where fewer people die sooner than they should
  • Where animals are treated as well as we would treat people

    2. Imagine you have formed a charity to do something about this issue or help the people you are thinking about. Write down three things that you want this charity to achieve.

    3. Who would you need to get on side to help you achieve your aims? What sort of skills would they need to bring?

    4. What activities would you need to carry out to achieve your aims?

    5. How would you keep people supporting your charity after you've got them interested?

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