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Last Updated: Thursday December 16 2004 16:12 GMT

Worksheet: Band Aid 20 comments

Will Young arrives at the studio to record Do They Know Its Christmas as part of Band Aid 20
Below are some thoughts about the Band Aid 20 single. They were written by children logging onto the Newsround website.

"This song touched me. I hope this song raises millions of pounds. I really like Dizzie Rascal's rap it."
Connie, 12, Preston

"How can so many good singers make such an awful song? The rap is atrocious! It is for charity so it will get to number 1 though."
Tom, 12, Portsmouth

"I think it is fantastic, it should have been extended so that people got more to sing but it's definitely going to get a number 1!!!& hopefully raise loads for charity!"
Katie, 12, Norwich

"It's definitely not as good as the original - the rap ruins it!!! But there are still some fantastic artists on it, and I'll definitely be buying it!"
Julia, 14, Belfast

"Buy, it!!! Africans need help, they are soo sad, and would love some pressies at Xmas. Don't listen to the song, buy the single and save someone's lives, 'cos they need you!!!"
Holly, 14, Northampton


1. What did, or would, make you buy the band aid single?

2. How much did you know about Band Aid before Band Aid 20 came along?

3. Do you think it was worth recording and releasing again?

4. Has it made you think more about issues of poverty and starvation?

5. Does it make you more likely to give or want to commit to helping poverty or is it too big an issue to think you can change?

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