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Last Updated: Thursday June 16 2005 12:34 GMT

Quiz: Board games


Question 1

Ludo is a version of an old Indian game called what?

A: Pahami
B: Pachisi
C: Padisi

Question 2

What does the word Ludo mean?

A: I like
B: I play
C: I run

Question 3

When was Monopoly invented?

A: 1904
B: 1924
C: 1954

Question 4

What is the most expensive place to buy on a Monopoly board?

A: Kentish Town
B: Trafalgar Square
C: Mayfair

Question 5

How much do you collect for passing Go in Monopoly?

A: 100
B: 200
C: 400

Question 6

When did Alfred Mosher Butts invent Scrabble?

A: 1928
B: 1938
C: 1948

Question 7

The highest competitive single word score in a game of Scrabble was for what word?

A: Caziques
B: Pocohontas
C: Questionnaire

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