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Last Updated: Wednesday June 15 2005 15:44 GMT

Country profile: Egypt

Egypt map

  • Population: 74.9 million
  • Capital city: Cairo
  • Major language spoken: Arabic
  • Major religion: Islam
  • Currency: Egyptian Pound
  • Fascinating Fact: One of Egypt's most famous pyramids is the Great Pyramid of Khufu. It's made up of 2,300,000 blocks and each block in the pyramid weighs 2.5 tons.

Modern Egypt

Egypt is situated in the north-east corner of the Africa.

A sailing boat on the River Nile in Egypt
A sailing boat on the River Nile in Egypt

A large river called the River Nile flows through the country into the Mediterranean Sea.

The Nile enters Egypt from the Sudan and flows north for about 1545 km to the sea.

The majority of Egypt's population live in the Nile valley (the area next to the river).

Egypt is mainly made up of hot deserts and doesn't get much rain.

The government in Egypt

President Mubarak of Egypt
ident Mubarak of Egypt

Egypt has been a republic since 18 June 1953.

Since the declaration of the republic there have been four Egyptian presidents.

President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak has been running the country since 1981.

Ancient Egypt

The story of ancient Egypt has survived for thousands of years. Egypt was one of the great civilizations of the past.

Great Temple of Ramses II in Abu Simbel, Egypt
Great Temple of Ramses II in Abu Simbel, Egypt

The monuments and tombs of their Pharaohs continue to stand intact today, 4,000 years later!

The Ancient Egyptians lived along the banks of the river Nile in Egypt. Farmers first settled in Egypt along the River Nile in around 5000 B.C.