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Last Updated: Saturday June 18 2005 09:29 GMT

Animal testing - right or wrong?


There are lots of arguments for and against animal testing.

Some say it is cruel for the animals involved while others say that it's necessary to do these tests to help find cures for diseases.

In 14-year-old Nichola's report, she looks at both sides of the debate.

"Animal testing is thought by some to be cruel and inhuman.

After all, who wants potentionally harmful chemicals tested on them, without their consent?

Yet, we must view the wider picture.

Creating cures

Animals are very important on Earth.

Do we have the right to make them suffer for us?

On the other hand, creating cures for diseases is good.

Everyone knows someone who has died - perhaps from the as yet incurable cancer.

Difficult question

Animal testing to find a cure could save billions of lives.

Who is more important; one hamster or a billion people?

Finally, think of this - could you honestly look a dying person in the eyes and tell them they must die to protect the rights of a mouse?

Who would you rather survived; one mouse or your mother?"

Nichola, 14, Somerset

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