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Last Updated: Tuesday June 14 2005 12:56 GMT

My computer club's just for girls

Lerato goes to an after-school computer club just for girls (Picture: Doug Sorrell)
An after-school computer club just for girls could be coming to your school.

Over a hundred schools tested out a special computer package which helps you put on a virtual fashion show, mix music or design your own magazine cover.

Computer Clubs for Girls (CC4G) have been so successful, they're being set up in schools across the country.

Lerato, who goes to one of the test schools, told Newsround that computers aren't geeky!

"I like having a computer club just for girls because you don't feel under pressure.

When there are boys in the class, you feel like you're competing. It's always a question of whether the boys are better then the girls or the girls better than the boys.

In ICT lessons, boys like to think they can go at a faster pace than the girls, but in CC4G it's much more relaxed.

More fun

Also in lessons, the teacher might say something like: 'Today we are going to be using spreadsheets.'

It's much more fun to set up a fashion show and use spreadsheets as part of a project.

Before, I could only type

When I started CC4G in Year Seven, I didn't know much about computers. I knew how to type and that was it!

Now I'm in Year Nine. In two years I've learned to use loads of computer programmes to do things like slide shows, animation and photography.

I love learning about more advanced computer technology through different projects.

Real satisfaction

Of all the computer programmes I've learned, I really enjoy animation. I found it the most challenging and I got a real satisfaction from getting there.

I put together an animation of girls dancing and presented it at a big show in London in front of loads of people.

My friends and I showed people what we'd done and explained what we'd learned from it.

Just the way I wanted!

The project I'm most proud of is a story I composed as a slide show. It was a cross between the Lion King, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast.

It had pictures and I also added music to it. It came out just the way I wanted it!

Exploding volcano

I use what I've learned in other lessons and for my coursework.

In Geography I made a slide show about Mount St Helens, which is a volcano. I even made it explode!

My teacher was very pleased and I got a high mark for it.

With the computer package CC4G, you can paint your nails funky colours
With the computer package CC4G, you can paint your nails funky colours
In the future

I'd like to do something with computers or engineering or become a lawyer.

In all three jobs, I'd use the skills I've learned. I'd also use them at home.

Bill Gates is my role model

Computer businessman Bill Gates is my role model. I like his products and I'd like to design some software myself.

It'd be good to design a game because I think a lot of them don't match up to people's standards.

I'd also like to design a computer language that only I can understand. Then I can say 'I'm cleverer than you!'

Go for it!

When I first heard about CC4G I thought: 'Oh no, not another club.'

Then one day my mum was a bit late in picking me up from school and I decided to kill time by going along.

I found I really enjoyed it and I carried on.

If you're a girl who's not sure whether to join a computer club for girls, I'd say: 'Go for it.'

You might find you're better at it than you think you are. People often put themselves down but they should give it a go."

Lerato, 14, Berkshire

If you like the idea of an after school computer club for girls, why not ask your teacher to visit for more information. They can also use the link in the green box in the top right hand corner of this page.

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