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Last Updated: Friday December 10 2004 21:43 GMT

Hunts make plan to meet after ban

A hunt with dogs
Hunting groups are planning to meet the day after the ban on hunting with dogs becomes law.

The protest by more than 250 hunts on 19 February aims to show people that the new law is difficult to enforce and hard to understand.

The move comes after the first man to be tried under Scottish anti-hunting rules was cleared of breaking the law.

On Friday a court ruled that Trevor Adams, from Melrose, was not "hunting", but "searching" for a fox.

A spokesperson for the Countryside Alliance said that getting police to check who is sticking to the ban on fox-hunting will be very difficult.

The campaign group pointed out that under the ban it is still legal to hunt rabbits, but not hares. It would also be legal "simply take your hounds on exercise".

Hunting outlawed

In November the government used special powers to outlaw fox and deer hunting in England and Wales after the House Of Lords again voted to reject a ban.

Hare-coursing with dogs was also made illegal.

At the time of the ban many pro-hunt campaigners said they would ignore the new laws and continue to hunt.

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