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Last Updated: Saturday June 11 2005 16:14 GMT

Temples older than Pyramids found

A series of temples thought to be older than Stonehenge or the Pyramids have been uncovered by a team of archaeologists working in Europe.

More than 150 monuments built between 4,800 BC and 4,600 BC have been found beneath the fields of modern-day Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

They are thought to represent Europe's oldest civilisation.

The discoveries are so new that this temple building culture does not even have a name, The Independent reports.

The temples were made of earth and wood, with the buildings stretching for up to half a mile. It's thought that they were built by a religious community who lived together in "longhouses" up to 50m long.

Evidence of these buildings has been found across a 400-mile stretch of land, but it seems the civilisation died out after about 200 years.

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