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Guides: School and the law

Last Updated: Friday December 10 2004 09:54 GMT

Types of exclusion

Types of exclusion
Fixed-term exclusion
You are sent home from school for a set period of time, lots of schools call this being suspended.

Your parents should be told about this as soon as possible. They get a letter telling them why you are being sent home, and how long it will be before you can go back to school.

You cannot be excluded for more than 45 days in one school year.

Permanent exclusion
You are sent home from school, and told you can never go back to the same school. People also call this being expelled.

If this happens the pupil's parents have the right to appeal and this will be taken very seriously by the school. The appeal should ideally happen within seven days.

If you think it's unfair
Your head teacher can exclude you from school but they must also give the details of what happened to the schools governors.

The governors can either support the exclusion or they might decide to allow you back to school.

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