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Last Updated: Thursday December 09 2004 16:02 GMT

Lion and tiger cross cub is born

A cross between a lion and a tiger has been born in a zoo in Russia. Zoo staff are calling the cub a 'liger'.

Ligers have both stripes and spots on their coats and are thought to be the largest cats in the world.

It is unusual for different species of animals to mate so the liger cub is very rare.

The cub has been called Guita and is being carefully looked after by staff at the zoo but she won't have time to get lonely as her mum's pregnant again.

An even rarer animal is the tigon, which is a cross between a male tiger and a female lioness.

Unlike ligers, which can sometimes be double the size of an adult Siberian tiger, tigons are often much smaller than either of their parents.

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