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Last Updated: Thursday December 09 2004 12:43 GMT

Worksheets: Space station welcomes visitors

The crew of the international space station has welcomed a visiting crew from a Russian spacecraft.

It arrived two days after blasting off from Kazakhstan in West central Asia.

The capsule's commander had to make the tricky link-up 250 miles above China.

The visiting Russian cosmonauts and a French researcher were delivering a new Soyuz rocket which serves as lifeboat for the space station.


After conducting a variety of experiments on board, the three are scheduled to return to Earth on 31 October on board an old Soyuz.

The French researcher is the first European woman on the ISS.

The American and two Russians who live aboard the ISS haven't seen anyone since they moved into it in August for a four-month mission.

They will return to Earth in December on the space shuttle Endeavour.


Scan the story and answer these questions:

1. Where did the Russian spacecraft blast off from?

2. How far above China did the link-up take place?

3. Which type of rocket were the visiting Russian cosmonauts and the French researcher delivering?

4. When are the American and two Russians who live aboard the ISS scheduled to return to Earth?

5. What is the name of the space shuttle that they will return on?

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