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Last Updated: Saturday December 11 2004 11:51 GMT

A famous rapper came to our school

Amy, Shahika and Tracy were inspired by Gemma Fox to write their own rap lyrics about Fair Trade
Rapper Gemma Fox packed a lyrical punch when she performed at a school in Kent.

She sang "Girlfriend's Story" in front of one class, inspiring them to write their own raps about Fair Trade.

Tracy, Amy, Shahika and their classmates are entering a competition, run by Dubble chocolate, to win a recording session with rapper Shystie.

Shahika said: "Gemma was brilliant. I liked the message she put across in her song - that all women have the right to be free.

I'm going to turn my poem about Fair Trade into a rap.

If you like chocolate, you should make the most of it and buy Fair Trade. That way you are helping the farmers who grow the cocoa beans to get a fair price for their work.

Buying Fair Trade chocolate is like giving to charity and it is something we can all do."

Picture credit: Kika Dixon
Gemma persuaded Amy and Tracy to sing in front of their class.

Amy said: "It was scary performing up there but seeing Gemma today has inspired me. I'd like to sing professionally one day.

I loved the way Gemma sang and the feeling she put into her lyrics. You could tell she really meant it.

Sometimes trade isn't fair but companies who carry the Fair Trade logo help producers to make enough money to feed their family and friends.

I love chocolate and now I only buy Fair Trade. I know it's pushing the boat out as it's a bit more expensive but sometimes it's worth it."

Tracy said: "I loved Gemma's voice, the beat of the song and the rhythm.

I think Fair Trade is a brilliant idea and it really helps other people.

By giving people a fair price, it means children don't have to work and they can go to school instead.

The money the farmers make in Ghana, Africa can be spent on things like school equipment."

Tracy, 12, Amy, 11, and Shahika, 11, from Kent

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