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Last Updated: Thursday June 09 2005 14:24 GMT

Chavs earn a place in dictionary

The word chav is among 1,500 new words to be included in the Collins English Dictionary.

It says chav means "young working class person who dresses in casual sports clothing", and could come from the Romany term "chavi", meaning child.

Also earning places are asbo, standing for Anti-Social Behaviour Order, and instant and picture messaging.

Every year the people who write dictionaries update them to include the most recent words people are using.

The new dictionary elaborates on the word chav, explaining that a chavette is a female chav.

It also includes chav adjectives including chavish, meaning designed for chavs and chavtastic, meaning suitable for chavs.

Regional equivalents to the word chav also get a mention, such as "skanger" (Ireland), "ned" (Scotland) and "yarco" (East Anglia)

New sporting phrases

Another new phrase included in the dictionary is tapping up - meaning attempts to recruit a footballer who is still in a contract with another club.

And the word, bouncebackability, meaning "ability to recover after a setback, particularly in sport" also bounced its way into the latest edition.

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