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Last Updated: Friday June 10 2005 17:50 GMT

What new words would you put in the dictionary?

The word chav has made it into the dictionary - along with chavette, chavish and chavtastic!

And the equivalent of chav in Ireland - skanger, and in Scotland - ned, have also been added.

So what new words do you want to see in the dictionary?

Perhaps there are words that are even more widely used than chav in your school or area?

Or are there any you and your mates have made up that you think should make it in?

Whatever they are, let us know them and their meaning by e-mailing us here!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your Comments

I think there should not be words in the dictionary that are to do with sport as they are a bit stupid. Also, in Bath and Bristol they call Chavs Travs. I met some while I was on holiday.
Freddie, 12, Kingston Upon Thames

I think 'jobbie' which means poo should be in the dictionary because it is a really good and funny word which only Scottish people know.
Colette, 13, Dumbarton

I think you should put marf in the English dictionary, everyone in my school uses it. It means to choke or cough up food or drink.
Grace, 13, Uley

Ham sandwiches should be called hamwiches and jam sandwiches should be called jamwiches.
Petey, 9, Teddington

Bail should be put in the dictionary because everyone uses it. It means when you fall over.
Amy, 11, Manchester

The word confuzzled should be put in the dictionary as it's really popular. It means confused... if you hadn't already guessed!
Tesni, 15, Bath

I think LOL should be in the dictionary because me and my friends use it ALL the time. It stands for Laughing Out Loud!
David, 13, Darlington

Everyone at our school says rude instead of chav but they say it in a weird way so it sounds like ruuuuuude.
Natasha, 14, Hinckley

My new word I would put in the dictionary would be dufus because lots and lots of people use it in our school.
Honor, 15, London

I would put in the word 'buff' because everyone uses it and no one ever say pretty or beautiful much.
Sara, 13, London

I think humungous, 'extremely immense', should be in there because I have a habit of saying it and others say it does not exist.
Chiara, 11, Harpenden

I would put mither in, if it isn't in it already because nearly everyone says it up north, and not many people know what it means. I would probably put tinternet in too.
Tasha, 13, Manchester

Nag - people who tell you off all the time and boss you about.
Abbey, 9, Sheffield

I think you should put chabby in the dictionary - it means you're younger than whoever says it to you.
Loren, 10, Sheffield

Wow - Chav is in the dictionary! Up in Newcastle we call them Charvas/Charvs! Thank god I'm not one!
Rachel, 14, Newcastle

I would put the word ain't in the dictionary. Adults say it's not "a word" but loads of people say it.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

I think 'lol' should be put in the dictionary as it is a very commonly used word.
Hannah, 11, Reading

Scally means chav here in liverpool.
Laura, 11, Liverpool

My word is fish-head that means stupid from where I'm from.
Katie, 12, Brighouse

Wedgie is when someone pulls up your underpants while you are wearing them. An atomic wedgie is when they are pulled over your head.
Class 5 St Anne's School, 9-10, Oldham

People here say geg a lot, geg means it's REALLY funny so I think it should be in the dictionary.
Courtney, 14, Belfast

I would put innit in as loads of people say it!
Zishan, 13, Slough

I'm from Norfolk and people here say yarco which I think is the same as chav so that should definitely make it in!
Sam, 14, Norwich

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