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Last Updated: Tuesday July 19 2005 11:02 GMT

Album review: Coldplay X&Y

Release date
6 June 2005


High impact sound - dramatic, moving and uplifting.

A rich mix of guitar, strings and electronic instrumentals finished off with great vocals by Chris Martin.

How many good tracks

They are all good but some are more powerful than others.

Three or four of the tracks hit you instantly, while the others take a few listens to take in how good they are.

Top tracks

What If, Fix You, Speed of Sound and 'hidden track' Til Kingdom Come.

Weakest track

While still a beautiful track, Swallowed In the Sea is a bit repetitive and the lyrics rhyme a bit too well!

Hit or miss

A massive hit.

It's a red hot album from one of the hottest bands in the world.

After a couple of listens you'll love it and will want to hear it again and again for years to come.

NR rating:

Have YOU heard this album?

Theres nothing bad you could say about this incrediable cd. The songs are lovely, Chris Martin's voice is amazing and the lyrics are great. i love how this cd is somewhat different from then other albums yet still remains very Coldplay like. i advise people to buy it and really listen to it, because you'll definitely get something out of it.
Ellie, 14, London

Coldplay album is really cool i bought it for my dad for Fathers Day but i have had it since cause my dad played it in the car and i thought it was really cool so i took it!
Samantha, 11, Connahs Quay

I don't really like this album! A Rush of a Blood to the Head is the best album Coldplay has done! It's amazing that album! The only songs i like on X&Y are Square One, White Shadows and Speed of Sound. i give it 2/5!
Caitlin, 14, Hemel Hempstead

Best Coldplay album to date! Everyone should pick it up NOW!
Rebecca, 15, Toronto

Beautifully uplifting, lyrical masterpeices. I can't fault a single track on the album.
Lou, 15, Birmingham

What can you say? It's just another great album from the successful band. The vocals are fantastic, the music is oringal. It's a feel good album and bound to top the album charts. What can you say bad about the album? Nothing!
Becky, 13, Poole

It's such a fulfilling album! The tracks have so much depth and density, the lyrics have so much meaning, the band have so much to hope for!
Eric, 14, Northampton

An absolutely amazing album, Fix You is one of my favourite songs ever, Speed of Sound is so uplifting and is a great first single from the album. All of the songs are brilliant.
Andy, 13, Guildford

It's amazing - I can't stop listening to it.
Josh, 15, Downend

A fantastic album by a fantastic band. Definitely their best yet!
Nia, 12, Aberystwyth

Coldplay are BRILLIANT- and their new album is top notch! I love it so much, and listen to it all the time.
Lorna, 11, London

I don't like Speed of Sound, but the rest are excellent - probably the best Coldplay album ever. They have done a good job. But Speed of Sound should beat Crazy Frog to no.1.
Alan, 10, Glasgow

All the songs are the same! After you hear 1 or 2 of the songs you get bored! Fortunately I haven't bought it!
Chikin, 14, Hazel Grove

This album is really good. Some of the songs are still quite depressing but there is a good rhythm to them. My favourite song is either What If or Fix you. I'm not too keen on Speed of Sound but that's just my personal opinion. I give this album 4 stars!
Harriet, 13, Cheshire

I love this album! I think that all the songs are brilliant. Swallowed In the Sea is such a beautiful song, along with What If. There is also a definite hint of U2 in some of the songs, methinks...
Roz, 13, Plymouth

Chris Martin has a unique gift at writing songs, and each track feels original but still reminds you of other tracks on Coldplay's previous albums, Parachute and Rush of Blood to the Head. The best track of all has to be What If, which I cannot get enough of. Some tracks on the album can seem a tad disappointing but, once you've heard them a few times, are impossible to put down. Out of all the Coldplay albums, this one would have to go second to Rush of Blood to the Head in my book.
Michael, 15, Leicester

I loved this album, it was gorgeous and I listened to it as I revised as it is very relaxing. My favourite was definitely Speed of Sound, and I didn't have a worst! I have been listening to Coldplay for ages and they have always had some of my favourite songs, including Clocks and Green Eyes, but I think that others who have never really listened to Coldplay before would love it too.
Sofia, 13, Herts

'X&Y' is brilliant - I can't believe 'Speed of Sound' missed out on the number 1 spot to that stupid frog!
Naomi, 13, Ewell

Another great album as always! The songs sound less like the usual Coldplay sound.
Dan, 14, Bristol

This album in one of the best albums ever! It's got great vocals by Chris Martin and is really good!
Vadz, 14, Walsall

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