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Last Updated: Friday June 10 2005 17:44 GMT

Are you more internet savvy than your parents?

Parents are to be get lessons in downloading
A new campaign has been launched to teach adults about file-sharing and downloading.

This is because some parents are getting fined because their kids have illegally downloaded without them knowing.

Do your parents need to catch-up with you when it comes to using the internet?

Do they even know about file-sharing and downloading?

Or are your parents already in the know because they don't want you getting in trouble when it comes to using the net?

E-mail and let us know whether you are more internet-savvy than you parents.

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Your Comments

My mum and dad both know how to use the internet - not as well as myself but they can use it.
Kate, 11, St Lucia

I think that it's very wrong that parents should be fined for something they know nothing about! My mam and dad don't really know that much about computers, and I think that it's only fair they should be taught about what's going on and how to prevent their children downloading illegally.
Jennifer-May, 14, Tyne & Wear

My mum is rubbish on computers - I only just taught her how to copy and paste!
Sofia, 15, Herts

My parents are always going on at me and asking me how to do stuff. They really need help.
George, 14, Bisley

My dad is hopeless on a computer - he doesn't even know what an underscore is!
Katie, 12, Bridghouse

I never download because I don't really know how to!
Calum, 13, East Calder

I wasn't to begin with, my mum taught me all there is to know. I remember the days when I was excited about playing on paint with my old apple mac. Then my mum taught me how to use computers. And I now know more than my mother.
Sophie, 14, London

No, my parents know way more than me! I'm always asking for help.
Kristina, 13, London

Our generation is obviously going to have a better ability on the internet because we've been introduced to it at a young age.
Dominic, 13, Reading

I use the internet all the time! My mum also uses the internet all the time but my dad has no idea at all how to use the internet!
Jobhan, 13, Birmingham

Yeah, my mum and dad wouldn't have a clue!!
Rebecca, 14, Essex

Definitely. My dad hardly knows how to use the computer and my mum is ok with the internet but doesn't know as much as me and my brother.
Lou, 14, Woking

Our computer has recently gone weird and I seem to be the only one who knows how to work it!
Alice, 12, St. Neots

I know a lot more about computers than anybody in my family, but my nana is catching up, as I am teaching her.
Edward, 13, Lincoln

I easily know more about the internet than my parents and my mum uses a computer at work!!!
Liam, 13, St. Helens

I know more than my parents but they are aware of what websites I go on.
Zetoon, 12, Keighley

I never download - my parents probably know more about it than me.
Charlotte, 12, Paignton

I definitely know more then most people in my town about the internet, since I'm one of the only ones I know in the local area who can make websites and code in most forms of web language very fluently.
Jamie, 15, Rotherham

I know lots more about the internet and downloading than my parents and most of the time if my parents want to download I do it for them.
James, 14, Newton Aycliffe

I'll download what I like, my parents don't and will never know!
Joe, 13, Slough

I haven't got the internet at home but at school I have but I don't think it is a good idea.
Gemma, 15, Durham

I know loads more than my parents! I'm against this idea. Kids finally have something they are better than adults at!
Simber, 13, Heaner

No we are on the same level - my mum had a computer course not long ago and my dad works with computers in his job.
Olivia, 13, Maidstone

I know everything about the internet better than my dad.
Alfie, 11, Strood

I definitely know more about the internet than my parents - they would never use it for downloading.
Jack, 12, Manchester

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