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Last Updated: Tuesday June 07 2005 15:38 GMT

Arguments against wind farms

Against wind farms: Conservation groups and members of local communities near to proposed sites say they are:

Arguments against

  • An eyesore: The best sites for wind farms are often remote areas and the turbines spoil the natural beauty of the landscape.

  • Expensive: Currently wind energy not as efficient as fossil fuel or nuclear energy and farms are expensive to set up.

  • Cause noise pollution: People living close to turbines claim that the low level noise is causing stress-related illness.

  • Poor consideration of sites: Turbines can cause disruption to TV and radio signals and even the migration of birds when they are not positioned correctly.

  • Interfere with defence: The Ministry of Defence are concerned that offshore wind farms will interfere with coastal radar systems.

  • The arguments often come down to whether the potential benefits overshadow the impact on the landscape.

  • Some people near wind farms believe that most of the benefits are seen by the energy companies (who make a profit from their turbines) and the government (which gets closer to its carbon reduction targets), while the negative affects are all heaped on the local community.

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