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Last Updated: Thursday June 09 2005 17:44 GMT

Have you been a victim of hi-tech bullying?

Bullying by phone
A survey by a children's charity has revealed that more and more children are being bullied by mobile phones and computers.

This is known as a hi-tech form of bullying, and the victim often doesn't know who's doing it.

Have you ever been a victim of bulling by mobile phone or e-mail?

If so, do you think it is more frightening if you don't know who the bully is?

Is it harder to try and deal with this kind of bullying as you can't escape from horrible texts or e-mails?

And are camera phones making the hi-tech bullying problem even worse?

Whatever you think, e-mail us and let us know!

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Your Comments

I think this type of bullying is worse than the school or physical type because the people getting bullied don't know who it is sending them threatening texts or phone calls. And they won't be able to stop it unless they tell someone.
Sian, 11, Stockport

Bullying is a growing problem but I would rather it was done by text than to my face because then it's not as intimidating.
Tamsyn, 15, Bristol

No, I can't say that I have, but I hate people who do it.
Aimz, 13, Yateley

I haven't been a victim yet and I hope I never am. It must be frightening if you don't know who the bully is because it could be anyone. I think that camera phones are making bullying worse and if they weren't used, then the happy slapping problem would not happen at all.
Annabel, 14, Hemel Hempstead

No (not yet) but if it ever happened to me I would be scared!!
Jessica, 12, Sanderstead

I've fortunately never been a victim of hi-tech bullying. But my sister has and she was so frightened she refused to use her mobile!
Meg, 14, Birkhill

I've never been bullied in my life, and I hope I never am!
Nosheen, 12, Acrington

It has happened to me, and the video got sent all round school. Then people started threatening to slap me. Even a teacher saw the video and laughed.
Ravi, 12, Harrow

My sister moved schools because of bullies and still the bullies got her mobile number and sent her really horrible texts. She was really depressed and we have now sorted it all out. I'd say to anyone that is a victim to beat them to it and tell someone before they make your life a misery.
Chloe, 13, Staffordshire

Why don't people just delete the messages or not take the calls or take their phone to the police so they can trace the bully and arrest them?
Lucy, 15, Yeovil

Yeah, it's sad, but why do people give their mobile number to people they're not 100% sure about?!
Judith, 15, North Lincolnshire

I haven't yet and I hope it will stay this way as I would hate to be in that kind of situation. Also I would be scared to go to school and that would be a really bad.
Tulsi, 11, Walsall

I got bullied by txt about 6 months ago. I told my parents and they told my head of year. The bully was then moved out of all my lessons and into another band at school.
Sarah, 14, Wiltshire

I think the new form of bullying via new technology is sick and disturbing. Luckily I haven't been a victim of it, but it makes me worry as to what could be the next bullying craze, as the methods of bullying seem to be getting worse.
Amy, 15, West Wales

I was once. It was really scary because I didn't know who it was that was texting me. This number just came up. They thought I was someone else. When I told them they turned nasty and said they had heard horrible things about me and that I was a mean person. I was scared so I told my parents and it sorted itself out. It's made me more wary of my phone now...
Rachael, 12, Birmingham

I was bullied for two years, I actually missed 18 months of school because of it... I got death threats on my mobile and the police were involved, but all I can say is thank you bullies because you have made me such a stronger person. Now I go to a great school and I'm going to be in college in September, so.
Nikita, 15, Leicester

I am still bullied by a girl via e-mail. I know who she is and she threatens me and calls me bad stuff. I know that everyone stands up for me though and I know that she'll never be happy in life.
Zoe, 11, Trowbridge

I haven't been a victim of hi-tech bullying because we hardly have any in our area. We're lucky, actually.
Julia, 11, London

You'd think people would be mature enough not to bully in the first place.
Emily, 15, Cardiff

I've been bullied and it doesn't stop. I don't know what to do.
Michelle, 12, Newcastle

I've been bullied a lot on messenger. I've been added to mass conversations with people I don't know and flamed, and even people at school flame me on MSN!
Freyja, 13, Bristol

I have not, but I know someone who has. I am careful who I give my e-mail address and my mobile number out to. Only my close friends and family text and e-mail me.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

It has not yet happened to me and I hope that it never will.
Leona, 12, Macduff

I haven't actually been a victim but people do criticise on what phone you have. It's stupid because it's only a phone, nothing else, and I use it to contact my parents.
Jane, 13, Basingstoke

I haven't but my friend who has is still scared whenever she gets a text message and it's not fair on her.
Abi, 13, Solihull

I have never been bullied by my mobile or my computer and I do not know of anyone who has been bullied by their phone or computer!
Jobhan 13, Birmingham

I haven't, but it sounds horrible and it is 100% worse than normal bullying because you can't stop it unless you change your number... but they still know who and where you are! It's horrible and it should stop.
Razan, 14, London

This is why you should only give out your e-mail address and mobile number to people who you trust.
Edward, 13, Lincoln

I got bullied through texts and e-mails and it's even worse than being shouted at face to face because it makes you even more scared. I changed my email address and phone number because it got so severe but I hope now they don't find out my new details!!
Max, 13, Oxfordshire

I think that anyone can be a bully. If you are one then you are a coward, but bullies are insecure people who need a bit of attention. So give it up and go and do something that will make you feel good about yourself!
Sara, 13, Oxfordshire

I used to receive a lot of offensive e-mails and get really upset about them. I am now not bothered, and they are filtered into my junk e-mail folder anyway.
Lara, 12, Nottingham

No, not yet! I am really thankful but I think that I've got to be careful...
Eden, 11, Newcastle

I have not but I'm worried that I will because it's growing into a really huge problem.
Steve, 13, Derby

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