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Last Updated: Saturday December 04 2004 10:09 GMT

We register using our fingerprints

At Impington Village College, they're trialling a new scheme where pupils register for school by scanning their fingerprints.

Alice reports on how the system works and why it's good for the school.

"It's really cool to have this new technology in our school and it's definitely more fun to scan your fingerprint than answering the register.

Our Head decided to install it because it increases our learning time instead of spending 10 minutes doing the register.

How it works

When you walk into a classroom, there's a finger scanner on the desk and you have to place your middle finger on it - it scans it and then you're registered. It's easy and quick. Teachers will be monitoring it so that no one can just register and walk out again.

The fingerprint scanner that the school use
The fingerprint scanner that the school use
I think this system is a good idea because it's quicker and more fun. There's also a time limit to scan your finger, so it stops people from being late for class too.

With the added threat of the school being able to contact parents if your fingerprint isn't scanned, I think it will stop a lot of people from skiving off.

One of my classmates was a bit worried because she didn't want to have her fingerprint on file, but after it was explained that it's just a series of numbers that's stored and not the actual print, she was fine with it.

Already up and running

We already have a similar system running in the library where you can get books out with your fingerprint instead of a library card and we'll be using it for registering for exams too soon.

It's exciting that we're the first school using this technology. I don't know if other schools will do it too, but if a school has problems with attendance and truancy, it's a good idea cos keeps control of the pupils."

Alice, 15, Cambridge

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