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Last Updated: Friday December 03 2004 15:12 GMT

New dino species found in Brazil

Unaysaurus tolentinoi
A 200-million-year-old dinosaur was unveiled in Brazil on Thursday, the first of its kind ever discovered.

Unaysaurus tolentinoi, or black water dinosaur, was 2.5m long, 80 cm high and one of the first two-legged plant eating dinos to roam the earth.

It's similar to remains of dinosaurs found in Europe, which backs up the idea that all the continents were once joined together, before splitting up.

The dinosaur's remains were found near the city of Santa Maria in 1998.

Unaysaurus tolentinoi and scientists
The dinosaur and its discoverers

The skull is the most complete one ever found in Brazil.

The fossils were discovered by chance by an old man on a walk.

His name was Tolentino Marafiga, which is why the dino has been called tolentinoi.

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