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Last Updated: Monday December 06 2004 11:11 GMT

I'm the Hard Spell Abbey winner!

Catherine took part in CBBC's Hard Spell Abbey and went on to win the show.

Here she reports on what it was like.

"At the Manchester auditions for the show I was asked what I would like to be when I'm older.

I said an RAF Pilot, so the BBC arranged for me to visit an RAF Base where I met Flight Lieutenant Neil Twigg, and Tony Walsh, a retired Squadron Leader.

I had a fantastic day watching the Harriers take off and land, and I had all the Harrier Jet controls explained to me while sitting in the cockpit!

At the Abbey

When I arrived at the Abbey in Suffolk I felt really excited about the competition, but also a little nervous. Nevertheless I got to know everyone and was especially fond of Becky.

We had a lot of fun playing all the games, but my favourite was definitely "Silent Knight" as it was so scary! I managed to complete the challenge with the help of my team mates!

Catherine with the other Hard Spell Abbey contestants and Brother Brendan
Catherine with the other Hard Spell Abbey contestants and Brother Brendan
After an exciting week we all went into the final feeling really tense and a little sad as it was our last day together.

Grand Final

The Grand Final was a knock-out round, and I found myself competing against Callum. This was the toughest challenge we had undertaken at the Abbey, and in the end I won by spelling 'outrageous'.

I would like to thank Becky, Callum, Tom, Rebekah, Peadar and everyone else who made my stay at the Abbey really special, and to my family and friends for all their support. It was a brilliant experience".

Catherine, 9, Tamworth

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