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Last Updated: Tuesday December 07 2004 13:55 GMT

3G phones - do you want one?

Phone keypad
A recent report said it's not worthwhile buying a 3G phone at the moment because the network coverage for them is so limited.

3G phones let you make, watch and send video calls and messages, play games and download music.

What do you think of 3G phones? Perhaps you're itching to get hold of one?

Maybe you've already got one and you love it?

Or perhaps you think they're being too hyped up and they'll never catch on?

E-mail and let us know what you think!

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Your Comments

My friend is on 3G and she is having a lot of problems with it. I really hope she will change to a much better network!
Danielle, 15, Newcastle

The main problem is that cheap 3G phones are on a rubbish network 3. You have to top up really often and credit is only valid for 3 days. Perhaps when the price goes down on other networks.
Sian, 13, Leicester

I've got one of these phones and they're amazing! With the prices so low it's worthwhile getting one.
Craig, 13, Greenock

I think camera phones are fine but why do you need all these features?? you could spend more of your money on your phone with out realising!!
Vicky, 14, Wolverhampton

Expensive isn't it, that's all I need to say.
Gina, 11, Bristol

I think that 3G phones are a waste of money because people only use mobile phones for is to text and call people.
Craig, 13, Guildford

What's the point? If you want to see someone when you're talking to them, go talk to them in person - less hassle with the freezing screens etc and less money spent too!
Beeta, 14, London

I own a 3g phone and I can't make video calls because I am not in the right area. So I am really annoyed because that is the only reason I got one.
Nick, 13, Carterton

I don't have a 3G phone and I don't really want one. I think having all these new hi-tech phones just make the environment we live in even more dangerous. People get mugged for phones everyday and these new ones just make it worse.
Shandana, 12, London

I think they're great and I really want to get one.
Alice, 13, Cheshire

I have a 3g phone and I think they're good but can have some problems.
Sam, 12, Camberley

I know 3G phones are fun and everything, and that's fine, but sometimes it's nice just to have a chat to someone, and not worry what you look like or whether you've brushed your hair or not!
Claire, 14, Portsmouth

I own one! They are really cool. You can download music, watch and send video messages and my mate has one too! I think they'll catch on.
Laurel, 14, Birkhill

I really can't be bothered with one. I have a good mobile already and all the extra things like video calls cost more money.
Sarah, 15, Oxfordshire

I think that 3G phones are a waste of money because people only use mobile phones to text and call people.
Craig, 13, Guildford

My mum and sister have one, and they're not very good. They always lose the network and video calls never work because the screen always freezes up.
Anna, 13, Cardiff

I was going to get a 3 phone. But then I realised you had to top it up 15 every 30 days! What a rip off! Anyway, by next year 3g phones will be ancient.
Lou, 11, Milton Keynes

I already have one - it's called a computer.
Hazel, 13, Cambridge

I think that phones are for contacting your mates on not for anything else - games maybe but video players are too extreme for a mobile.
Laura, 13, Grimsby

I won't be wanting one, because all my friends would have to have a 3G phone too! By the time they get one it could be years. I don't think the 3G phone is much different to the ones they have around now, people can still play games, download music, send messages and plenty more.
Maisy, 14, Southampton

I should be getting one for Christmas. They're cheap, on pay as you go, and they're the ultimate gadget for gadget lovers! I wouldn't get one if I live in the Highlands or some abandoned place.
Jack, 11, Glasgow

I have a 3g phone and there's nothing wrong with it!!!
Tom, 12, Trowbridge

I think the 3g phones are great. I am getting one for Christmas, but I do think they are rather expensive.
Andrea, 12, Northern Ireland

Sounds cool to me! 3G phones are probably the closest you can get (so far) to actually being with the person you are talking to!!!
Richy, 12, Birmingham

I would really like a 3G phone but if there is no network there is not much point. They are also really expensive.
Millie, 13, London

My phone does what it's there for, making phone calls!
Sarah, 14, Manchester

I don't know why phones have so many features now - a camera takes photos, not a phone. A video camera films you, not a phone. Phones are for calling and texting.
Bethany, 12, York

I haven't got a 3G phone but my sister has and we all love it! It's so fun messing around making stupid videos you can play whenever you like. I'd love to have one!
Hina, 14, Wrexham

I reckon loads of people will get them. I think they'll be really big as they've got everything you want in one place - look how big phones got.
Kirsty, 13, Exeter

It's all too complicated for me! But if I understood how to use them... then yes!
Leah, 14, Leicester

I don't really want a 3G phone. I can already do everything I want to on the phone I have. I reckon it will take ages for them to catch on.
James, 13, Edinburgh

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