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Last Updated: Friday November 26 2004 14:29 GMT

Home computers cause family rows

Home computer
Have you ever argued about which TV channel to watch or who uses the telephone? Well, now families are rowing about who goes on the computer.

A survey has revealed that 90% of families have bickered about who logs on first - and for how long.

It also showed that older brothers and sisters often got the first go on the computer because of important homework.

The issue is so big that nearly half of parents have now set limits on how long their kids spend on the net.

The survey also threw up some interesting facts about how you lot use your home computers.


A total of 90% of kids use the computer for homework, with 72% using it for e-mail and 70% to play games.

Research also revealed that some families are so fed up with rows that they have bought more computers and lap-tops to keep everyone happy.

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