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Last Updated: Friday November 26 2004 08:26 GMT

I've ordered my Beat Bullying wristband

Beat Bullying wristbands
There's been a massive response to the Beat Bullying wristband campaign set up by BBC Radio 1.

In his report, Ryan tells us why he's supporting it and his experience of bullying.

"I think the Beat Bullying wristbands are a good idea.

For someone like me who goes to high school, there are lots of people to show off to.

So if you wear your wristband a lot of people will see it.

Numbered days?

I think that like everything else in the end, they will eventually go out of fashion.

Nothing lasts forever, but the campaign will probably make a new design, or find something else to do in the future to keep it going.

Get the message

I hope it will get the message across to the bullies, because the first two years at my primary school were awful.

I was picked on, shoved about and poked.

It was very upsetting and a few people have picked on me at high school.

But now that I'm older, I can stand up for myself, and I don't lower myself to their level."

Ryan, 12, King's Lynn

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