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Last Updated: Wednesday November 24 2004 17:32 GMT

'Virgin Mary' toast sold on net

The 'Virgin Mary' toast
A piece of toast said to bear a picture of the Virgin Mary has sold on the internet for a whopping $28,000.

It's actually a toasted cheese sandwich that was made 10 years ago, and the burn marks on it look like the Biblical figure.

Diane Duyser, who made the sandwich, said it has never gone mouldy even though she made it a decade ago!

An internet casino site confirmed they had paid $28,000 (15,000) for the sandwich on the auction site ebay.

'Time to get rid of it'

More than 1.6 million people logged onto the site to look at the edible wonder.

Diane, from Florida, US, said she kept the sandwich in a box for 20 years, but then decided to sell it.

"I think it's time now, time to get rid of it and share it with the world. I feel like I'm doing something that she wants me to do," she said.

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