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Last Updated: Thursday November 25 2004 18:40 GMT

Your geography lessons - good or bad?

Children in a classroom studying.
School inspectors have said that geography is one of the worst-taught subjects in school and that more and more of you are dropping it when you choose your GCSEs.

How good do YOU think your geography lessons are?

Do you know which country is where? Do they help you understand global issues like droughts and famines?

Maybe you spend too much time learning loads of facts and think more class discussions would help?

Or perhaps geography is your favourite lesson and you think it's really important?

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Your Comments

Our geography teacher is much too strict and she doesn't teach us about the current affairs we really need to know.
Kelly, 13, London

I think that it's not what you learn in geography, it's how you are taught that makes the difference between good or bad. Are you really going to look back and remember a passage from page 43 of the textbook in your test? Or will you remember that fun project, fieldtrip or experiment you did?
Hannah, 13, Peterborough

I think geography is wicked. I'm taking my GCSE of it this year. It's definitely my favourite subject and I'm hoping to get an A* in it.
Lucy, 15, London

I think that geography is really boring because you don't learn about interesting things around the world.
Ross, 13, Milton Keynes

My geography lessons are fun and exciting. I learn about the world which I find very interesting.
Callum, 15, Chester-Le-Street

I like geography and the majority of students in my school have taken geography for a GCSE. Geography isn't boring and just about maps, we go on good field trips out of school and really enjoy it.
Becky, 14, Portishead

I like geography at my school, but our teacher makes you work really hard! I think we should learn more about current affairs in the world like the war in Iraq.
Rosa, 12, Norwich

Our geography lessons are really good, we even have a teacher that has travelled around the world!
Adam, 14, Burnley

I found geography ok but would rather learn about things which are more relevant to us today like what causes famines.
Claire, 14, Merseyside

Geography is my favourite subject - it's really well taught at my school and it's really interesting!
Sophie, 14, Edinburgh

At secondary school all we do is copy out of textbooks and so I dropped it when I made my GCSE options. It's quite sad, because it used to be my favourite subject.
Zoe, 15, Plymouth

Well I guess that shows how much inspectors know!! Our school is great at teaching geography! We do case studies about what's going on in the world at the moment, our lessons are interesting and we enjoy them!

Becky, 15, Bromsgrove

My geography lessons are great. My teacher makes them really fun and obviously spends a lot of time planning them. Geography is made out to be boring, but I think when you have a good teacher, it's fun!
Rachael, 13, St Helens

Geography at our school is ok, but we don't learn about different countries, we learn about world issues, population, and rivers.
Alice, 14, Northumberland

I think my geography lessons aren't bad because we are doing volcanoes and earthquakes which aren't too boring.
Katie, 13, Glasgow

In my school I think Geography is taught really well. I have taken it as one of my GCSE options and am really enjoying it.
Tim, 14, Cardiff

I really enjoy my geography lessons. They are one of my favourite lessons and it is really well taught at my school. The lessons are very varied and we do things like note taking, discussions, role play, quizzes and loads of other stuff!
Emily, 14, Sevenoaks

I think we should spend less time colouring in maps and spend more time learning about the countries themselves, the land, wars ,droughts, famine. The more we know about it the more our generation will be able to help in the future.
Saz, 12, Herts

I know which country is where. But I am amazed that a vast majority of people do not, geography USED to be my favourite lesson but then got really boring and they hardly teach me anything anymore.
Maisy, 14, Southampton

Our teacher teaches us about floods, famines, war and how to help underdeveloped countries. It is very interesting and I love it, especially when we do case studies because it's very much related to real life.
Abera, 15, Surrey

I like geography, i think it's a great subject and more people should chose it for GCSEs. It will become really useful later on because the world is forever changing.
Willow, 15, Perth

I think geography is great, I think it is so good that I took it for GSCE. I love looking at different parts of the world. My favourite part of geography is volcanoes and earthquakes. /CPS:QUOTE>
Sophie, 14, Birmingham

I find geography really boring and think that it should relate more to current problems in the world.
Helen, 13, York

I do geography at GCSE and it is one of the best taught subjects at our school. We study a wide range of subjects and i think it is an important subject.
Emma, 15, York

I love geography. It's my favourite subject. I do it at GCSE and find it really interesting.
Cat, 15, Leeds

I don't think we learn enough in geography about things that are happening in the world at the moment like the problems in Sudan.
Matthew, 13, Leeds