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Guides: Coping with Christmas

Last Updated: Tuesday November 23 2004 11:27 GMT

What if I have a split family?

Loads of kids' parents are separated.

Christmas is seen as a family time, meaning many kids are under pressure to spend time with both parents.

This may involve having to hang out with a step family, which can be difficult.

Many separated parents don't get on too well, either.

And some kids find themselves spending Christmas in a different town, miles away from their mates.

  • It's a good idea to sort out how you're going to spend the Christmas holidays before the event. You could agree to be with mum on the 25th, and dad on the 26th. If everyone knows what they're doing, they're less likely to get stressed.

  • You could change the arrangements each year, so that you don't have to be away from your friends for two Christmases in a row.

  • Spending time with people you don't know very well can be stressful. If it's getting you down, make sure you take time out to listen to some music or read a book.

  • It often helps to talk when you're feeling down. You could call a friend for a chat. If you're feeling really awful, there are helplines, where you can get independent advice.

Guide to Coping with Christmas

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