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Last Updated: Monday November 22 2004 21:25 GMT

Britain's biggest dinosaur found

Image: Gregory S. Paul
Fossil hunters have found bones from the biggest dinosaur ever to be discovered in the UK.

One fossil - a neck bone - is three-quarters of a metre long and scientists think the whole creature was more than 20m long and weighed about 50 tonnes.

It's thought the creature was a long-necked sauropod which lived up to 130 million years ago.

The fossil was dug up in the Isle Of Wight and is now on display in the Dinosaur Isle museum.

The sauropods were the biggest and heaviest group of dinosaurs in existence.


The creature is thought to have been a relation of brachiosaurus and sauroposeidon.

The world's biggest and heaviest dinosaur is said to be argentinasaurus - a 37m long creature from South America which weighed up to 100 tonnes.

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