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Last Updated: Monday November 22 2004 18:16 GMT

Look out for cool Christmas towns

Christmas map
If you're travelling all over the country this Christmas you could end up at Turkey Island or maybe Pudding Hill!

They're just some of a number of weird places in the UK that could have come straight out of a Christmas recipe book rather than from a map.

You could also find yourself at other Christmas-sounding locations like Snow Falls, Nut Crackers or Carrol.

Unfortunately there is one place you might not be so keen on visiting over the holidays - Sproutes!

Christmas places
Cold Christmas - Herfordshire
Holly Green - Worcestershire
Stocking - Herefordshire
Snow Falls - North Yorkshire
Star - Somerset
Turkey Island - Hampshire
Pudding Hill - Windsor
Sproutes - West Sussex
Map makers

Map makers Ordnance Survey spotted the places, and with so many people moving around the country to visit family and friends, they thought the list might be useful.

They also found a place to store all your presents, called Stocking.

But let's hope the festive season doesn't get inspiration from one place name - Cold Christmas in Hertfordshire.

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