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Last Updated: Thursday December 16 2010 11:30 GMT

Quiz: Winter weather

Dog keeping warm in the snow with a coat.

Question 1

The lowest temperature ever was recorded in Antarctica in 1983. What was it?

A: -82.9 C
B: -43 C
C: -127.6 C

Question 2

How cold does it have to be for snow to reach the ground without melting?

A: No more than 0 C
B: No more than 2 C
C: No more than -2 C

Question 3

How many sides do snowflakes have?

A: 4
B: 6
C: 8

Question 4

The biggest hailstone ever recorded fell in Bangladesh in 1986. How heavy was it?

A: 500 g
B: 750 g
C: 1 kg

Question 5

The highest windspeed ever recorded on land was in New Hampshire, USA. How fast was it?

A: 159 mph
B: 231 mph
C: 248 mph

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