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Last Updated: Thursday December 16 2010 11:52 GMT

Quiz: Mistletoe

Mistletoe plant

Question 1

What are you supposed to do with mistletoe?

A: Kiss someone under it
B: Hug someone under it
C: Kick someone under it

Question 2

Why is mistletoe used at Christmas?

A: Holly is too prickly
B: It's an old tradition to make enemies friendly to one another
C: People just like kissing

Question 3

What sort of trees does mistletoe grow on?

A: Willow
B: Birch
C: Sycamore

Question 4

What is the scientific name for mistletoe?

A: Pimpinella anisum
B: Mistulus podiatum
C: Viscum album

Question 5

What colour flowers grow on mistletoe?

A: White
B: Yellow-green
C: Pink

Question 6

What is special about mistletoe berries?

A: They make lovely tea
B: You can paint with their juice
C: They're poisonous

Question 7

Who released a song called Mistletoe and Wine?

A: Tom Jones
B: Robbie Williams
C: Cliff Richard

Question 8

Which of these has mistletoe not been used to treat?

A: Cancer
B: Athlete's foot
C: Diabetes

Question 9

Which Scandinavian god was killed by a spear of mistletoe?

A: Balder
B: Thor
C: Odin

Question 10

How many calories does the average person burn off in a one-minute smooch?

A: 26
B: 32
C: 8

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