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Last Updated: Thursday December 09 2004 16:55 GMT

Album: Delta Goodrem: Mistaken Identity

Release date
22 November 2004

Delta's had a tough year and this is reflected in her album, the tracks tell her story and some of the lyrics are pretty powerful.

How many good tracks
6/14 - two bonus tracks

Top tracks
Electric Storm, Sanctuary and Out Of The Blue.

Weakest track
Mistaken Identity. After a gentle start it just sounded like a lot of wailing.

Hit or miss
It's a hit, but just. Tracks like Electric Storm and The Analyst are classic Delta, beautiful and similar in sound to the songs on her first album, Innocent Eyes.

It complements her first album but it certainly doesn't top it.

However, it's worth checking out for a listen to her duet with Brian McFadden on Almost Here. He sounds a lot more Enrique Iglesias than Westlife.

NR rating:

Have YOU heard this album?

Incredible album!!!! Each track has emotion and a beautiful melody matched with a beautiful voice and lyrics. Delta's tough year was reflected so well in this and the album is an inspiration.
Victoria, 14, Holywood

Delta Goodrem is very good. The album is amazing, and you can understand what she's saying and hear her very powerful voice and she writes her own songs!
Anwen, 12, Cardiff

I think that Mistaken Identity is great!!! It reflects on all the feelings she's had throughout the last year. I love Out Of The Blue and Almost Here they are great!!! Keep up the good work Delta!
Faye, 14, Birmingham

Wailing?! You wanna get your ears tested cos it's the best song on the album, it shows emotion. It is an excellent album 10/10.
Georgie, 14, Wells

It's amazing, well most of the tracks are sooo good, it's an album I could listen to all the time... a few tracks are a little weak...but, it beats Busted any day.
Sara, 13, London

Mistaken Identity is a beautiful, powerful album, with an amazing vocalist. Delta is the loveliest person I have ever known - and she has talent to equal that. Every single track on that album tells a story! Delta is so honest in her music, and is being hailed as one of the world's best songwriters and musicians at only 20, and this album certainly demonstrates why!! As for wailing - you need your ears checked.
Lexi, 14, London

I agree some of them aren't the best Delta tracks but they all work together to make the album story. I love the song Mistaken Identity too, so different for Delta and she's broken away from Innocent Eyes which is nice and refreshing.
Kazzie, 14, Leeds

I LOVE this album, it's just so beautiful and Mistaken Identity is a great track in my opinion... I can't choose a favourite though as they're all so wonderful. The perfect comeback album in my opinion.
Victoria, 14, Holywood, N.Ireland

I love Mistaken Identity! I like all of the songs on the album but I just think Mistaken Identity is a song you need to get used to and learn to love. I think Delta is an inspiration and her songs reach into the soul of every person who listens.
Emma, 13, Newcastle

From what I've heard...from mates I think it sounds really really good. My favourite tracks are Out Of The Blue and You Are My Rock because I think it describes me and my brother!!! Delta has been through a lot this year and I think she deserves everything if not more... she is a talented, beautiful, brave young woman and I think this album represents that more than anything.
Claire, 15, Manchester

After first hearing it, I think she has grown from Innocent Eyes. For me, 12/14 songs are good with my favourite being Out Of The Blue, Mistaken Identity and Almost Here! Fantastic album once you listen to it 2 or 3 times!
Paul, 15, Bolton

There is no wailing in Mistaken Identity!! That is proper singing!!! I am a huge Delta fan and think that she is different to the usual but sings from the heart and writes beautiful lyrics and piano. Mistaken Identity is brilliant!!!! I love Electric Storm and Fragile!!!
Dec, 14, Scotland

I think the album is amazing and it is pleasing Delta fans all over the globe, it's something for Delta to be proud of. Electric storm and Last Night On Earth are both very powerful and just make you want to dance, then you have Be Strong which is a really moving song. The album is just great. Go buy it if you haven't. I can't wait for your tour Delta!
Lee, 15, Wirral

Mistaken Identity doesn't sound like wailing, it is one of the best tracks. All the songs are brilliant, but it is a very different style & sound from Innocent Eyes. But if you loved that then you will love Mistaken Identity even more! I would give it 5/5.
Jemma, 14, Colchester

I think it's a really good album! Definitely way better than Innocent Eyes! I really like all of the songs but my two favourite are probably Mistaken Identity and The Analyst.
Ryaka, 13, Wirral

I think this is the best album ever. It really shows how Delta feels about her life and how her life goes. I hope she is successful with this album even though her last album was very successful.
Emma, 10, Bicester

Wailing!! I'm shocked! I loved Innocent Eyes, with it's sweet unassuming air... I just hope that this is as good. 6/14 songs being good...hmm that's a little harsh! I love Delta. I think she's so amazingly pretty and she has a voice to die for so I don't care what NR says!
Rubinda, 14, Reading

When I listened to it I thought it was ok but I didn't feel Mistaken Identity was a strong and clear lyrical song! I prefer songs that you can hear the lyrics clearly and that it is powerful.
Cheryl, 14, Newtyle

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