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Last Updated: Thursday November 25 2004 12:10 GMT

What is being done to help?

Boys at a Chad refugee camp
The UN food agency is distributing aid to the border area of Sudan and Chad. But ambushes on roads across the Darfur is forcing agencies to airlift supplies by helicopter which takes longer to reach those who need it most.

The United States of America along with the UN has organised talks to try to help the rebels and the Sudanese government agree on a deal to end the fighting across the country.

It's hoped that by the end of 2004 a agreement can be reached but for now Darfur continues to be a very dangerous place.

Band Aid 20 is being released to raise money for Sudan
All the money from the Band Aid 20 single will go towards helping Sudan

The UK government along with many other countries is sending aid to both Sudan and neighbouring Chad. Britain has pledged 100m in 2005 to help Sudan.

Projects like Band Aid 20 and hundreds of smaller charities are working to raise money and to increase awareness of the situation in Sudan.

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