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Last Updated: Saturday November 20 2004 14:10 GMT

Did you do anything for CIN?

Busted with Pudsey bear
It's the 25th year of Children in Need and with A list celebs like Kylie and Girls Aloud getting involved they're hoping to raise more cash than ever!

Did YOU do anything weird or wacky to raise money for Children in Need?

Maybe your school organised loads of events to get you and your teachers taking part?

Or did you and a group of mates come up with a crazy way of raising loads of cash?

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Your Comments

My two friends and I did a sponsored read of Harry Potter 5 for 8 hours doing half an hour each time. We got to 288 pages.
Phoebe, 11, Milton Keynes

We had a cake stall, non-uniform day, toy stall, Pudsey themed dinner, sponsored silences, girls coming in PJs and teachers dressing up as Britney Spears or Gareth Gates. We had to pay them on the 'naff' scale. The stupider they look the higher the donation.
Javairya, 9, Wakefield

We got to take a teddy bear to school and wear our own shoes and socks for the day! A lot of us looked crazy!!!!
Harriet, 10, London

My friends arranged a Bring and Buy sale for children in need . At school we had to bring stuff like old toys to sell and my friends raised 183.70p for children in need.
Natasha, 10, London

My class has organised a cake sale, and we raised 200! Some other classes are having a wacky hair day, a 'dress up weirdly' day and two of my classmates are having a sponsored silence. I on the other hand wore my slippers to school!
Naomi, 12, Ewell

Four girls in my class are coming to school in their pyjamas to raise money for Children In Need!
Alana, 11, West Hythe

Some teachers are doing a sponsored silence. It's so funny as they have to write EVERYTHING on the board!!
Jess, 14, London

There were boys getting their legs waxed and others just dressing up as girls. Me and some of my form were silent for the whole day.
Vicky, 12, Haddenham

We had a non-uniform day and our teachers came in our school uniform!
Rachel, 15, Slough

My male teachers are going to be wearing a girls netball kit and they will playing netball against each other!!!!
Tulsi, 11, Walsall

Natasha, 10, London
All our teachers are pretending to be Girls Aloud and are singing 'I'll Stand By You' in assembly!
Edward, 13, York