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Last Updated: Thursday November 25 2004 16:37 GMT

I had to live under a sheet

Ahmed, one of the thousands of children who lives in a refugee camp in Chad
Ahmed arrived at the Bredjing refugee camp in Chad nearly a year ago. He came to the camp after his village was attacked.

In his report he tells his story of having to run away and start a new life with nothing.

"One day we were out gathering firewood. They came and killed a lot of people. They took all our things. We fled.

We couldn't take anything with us at all. They burnt the whole village - every single hut was destroyed.

My village was burnt down
I didn't know where I was going. I just had to get away. We walked across the mountains from our country to get here.

Plastic sheet

The Bredjing camp was really full so my family had to live under a plastic sheet for a long time

It's been very hard living here because we don't have a tent.

Inside of Ahmed's new tent that he shares with his dad, brother and sister
Inside of Ahmed's new tent that he shares with his dad, brother and sister

But we've just moved to a new camp now called Tregine and we've got a tent. It's very basic, I share the tent with my brother and sister and my dad.

No possessions

I'm happy here but it's so different from my home in Sudan. There I had all my things, goats, donkeys and cattle. But everything was stolen. All I have now is the tent and some food.

I don't know how long I'll be here, maybe a couple of months. But if it isn't safe, I might spend the rest of my life here."

Ahmed, Tregine refugee camp, Chad

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