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Last Updated: Friday November 19 2004 14:53 GMT

MPs overrule Lords on hunting ban

A hunt with dogs
The government has used special powers to outlaw fox and deer hunting in England and Wales after the House Of Lords again voted to reject a ban.

On Wednesday, the Lords voted by more than two-to-one against a ban but on Thursday MPs used something called the Parliament Act to push it through.

This means the Lords' opinion has been overlooked and hunting will be banned from February 2005.

Pro-hunt campaigners are preparing to ask a court to make the ban illegal.

The Act has only been used three times since it was introduced in 1949, and pro-hunt campaigners argue that it's wrong to use the Act.

They also say the ban does not take into account some aspects of another law called the Human Rights Act.

Some campaigners are threatening to ignore the new laws, and say they will try and stop the MPs who voted for the ban from getting elected again.

Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael said he was confident pro-hunting protests would not prevent the new law from coming in, saying: "I don't believe that they will succeed. "

The ban will outlaw fox and deer hunting and hare-coursing with dogs.

What do you think about the ban?

I think the ban is fair as it is defenceless animals they are killing. How would they like to be hunted?
Phoebe, 11, Milton Keynes

In Devon hunting is our tradition. All ages go. It's also a way of life.
Freya, 15, Plymouth

It is totally unfair especially on the poor foxes who are chased every day.
Samantha, 14, Leeds

It shouldn't be banned because thousands of dogs would be killed and lots of people would loose their jobs.
Megan, 8, Linlithgow

I love this ban. I think it is great because animals don't have to die but I hope the hunters can find other jobs.
Sarah, 13, Point Pleasant

I believe fox hunting should not be banned as millions of hunters would lose their jobs and it would make their lives worse not better. It should be routinely monitored in case foxes are hunted too much and die out but the odd fox dying will do rabbits and other animals no harm. Foxes should not be killed, just hunted and then let go again.
Ellen, 13, Macclesfield

I think that it is fair as it is a cruel way to kill foxes.
Bryn, 13, Crowthorne

I think fox hunting or any other animal hunting for amusement should totally be banned. Would a person liked being hunted and killed just for fun?
Hatef, 14, Kuala Lumpar

As everyone at my school was for hunting everyone keeps saying that I got my way then because I'm against hunting.
Emily, 14, Oxfordshire

I think it's unfair that hunting will be banned as I ride a lot and I go hunting a lot. At least it is better than gassing the fox's holes.
Lara, 12, Hertfordshire

I think the ban is fair because fox hunting is just a game for dogs. Fox hunting is cruel (I am also a member of the League Against Cruel Sports and the Young SSPCA) and so I agree with the ban. I am glad that hunting will be banned from Feb 2005.
Fi, 12, Berks

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