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Last Updated: Friday November 19 2004 08:32 GMT

Children in Need: Kidscape helped me

Kidscape is a charity which helps children
Annie's life was made miserable by bullies.

In her report she tells us how things started to change when she became involved with Kidscape, a charity helped by Children in Need.

"Before Kidscape I was really depressed. I didn't have any friends and I hated to go to school because the bullies made my life so awful.

They called me names and wouldn't let me sit with anyone at lunch. I used to hide in the toilets. I only felt safe at home but I cried a lot, and it made my mum sad, so I tried to hide it from her.


Then I called Kidscape and spoke about the problems I was having. They gave me advice and then put me on a special course to teach me how to deal with the bullies.

Kidscape helped me to see that it was the bullies who had the problem and I wasn't to blame.

It was the only place I could go except for home and feel safe.

They understood how I felt and took lots of time helping me and my mum. My mum says it was good for her too, and that she was glad that when I first phoned they didn't have an answer machine but that a real person talked to me. They didn't tell me to ring back, or make me push lots of buttons to get just more messages.


Before I went to Kidscape I didn't have any confidence and I thought I must be bad because I was bullied. I believed what the bullies said about me.

Now I know that it was not my fault and that I am a good person. I got a music prize in school last year, and before I went to Kidscape I wouldn't have even tried to play in front of anyone. Kidscape was the best thing that happened to me.

I also thought I was the only one being bullied before I went to Kidscape. It was good to meet other kids my age at Kidscape and find out that they had also been bullied at their schools. I didn't feel so alone.

The other kids were smart and nice and clever, so I could see that there was no reason for them to be bullied and that there was no reason for me to be bullied either.

Good friends

The good thing about meeting other kids my age who had been bullied was that we all ended up as friends and we still write and talk to each other.

Everything has changed for me since I went to Kidscape. I have friends, my music has got better, I have more confidence, my family is happier and the bullying has stopped.

I look forward to going to school and am planning to go to university and study music.

Annie, 14

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