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Last Updated: Wednesday November 17 2004 21:20 GMT

House Of Lords rejects hunt ban

Fox hounds from the Puckeridge Hunt
The government looks set to use special powers to outlaw fox hunting in England and Wales after the House Of Lords once again voted to reject a ban.

On Wednesday, the Lords voted by more than two-to-one against a proposed ban.

The government is now expected to use something called the Parliament Act to get the ban through. It means that the Lords' opinion would be overlooked.

The Parliament Act has only been used three times since it was introduced in 1949, so it's very controversial.

If the act is used, hunting supporters might go to court to say it is illegal.

Earlier, MPs - who sit in the House Of Commons - had rejected a plan to allow fox hunting under certain conditions.


Some MPs have been pushing for a ban for seven years and the argument has been going between the House Of Commons and House Of Lords since then.

If a ban does go ahead, the Lords voted that it should not be introduced until 2007.

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