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Last Updated: Sunday November 14 2004 14:37 GMT

Junk food TV ads could be banned

Junk food ads could be on the way out
Junk food adverts could be banned from television in the UK until after 9pm under new government plans.

They are worried that people living in the UK are too unhealthy and want to encourage them to eat better food.

It was thought that the adverts were going to be banned during children's television, but lots of kids watch TV till 9pm so the ban will last longer.

Some foods are also going to get special labels to show how much of them people should be eating.

Junk food adverts may disappear
Healthy stuff like fruit and veg will get green labels while food packed with salt, sugar and fat will be given a red label as a warning.

At the moment shops aren't going to be forced to use them, but some big supermarkets have already said they're happy to stick to the idea.

The TV ban will stop adverts for things like burgers and crisps being shown, but some breakfast cereals and even fish fingers could be off the menu as well.

The plans also include ideas to try and get children to think more about how to be healthy.

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