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Last Updated: Friday November 12 2004 12:44 GMT

Quiz: guinea pigs

Travis the guinea pig

Question 1

From which continent are guinea pigs originally thought to come from?

A: Africa
B: Europe
C: South America

Question 2

Around how long can a healthy and safe guinea pig live for?

A: 1-2 years
B: 4-7 years
C: 18 years

Question 3

How long is it after birth before baby guinea pigs can walk?

A: Almost immediately
B: A day
C: A week

Question 4

What are guinea pigs also known as?

A: Canaries
B: Cavalries
C: Cavies

Question 5

What do guinea pigs eat?

A: Grass, grains and vegetables
B: Meat
C: Meat and two veg

Question 6

What are baby guinea pigs known as?

A: Kittens
B: Pups
C: Lambs

Question 7

What vitamin is very important for guinea pigs to eat because they can't make it in their body?

A: Vitamin A
B: Vitamin B
C: Vitamin C

Question 8

Which of the following is NOT a breed of guinea pig?

A: Abyssinian
B: Peruvian
C: British Tip

Question 9

What is the name of a female guinea pig?

A: Pigglet
B: Sow
C: Hen

Question 10

About how long is a guinea pig pregnancy?

A: 10 weeks
B: 16 weeks
C: 40 weeks

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