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Teachers: Citizenship: Globalisation Environmental

Last Updated: Tuesday November 09 2004 15:19 GMT

Northern Ireland: Citizenship

These are the guidelines for your area. The bold type indicates which content this lesson covers.

EMU 2: Understanding conflict; pupils know and understand:

  • Nature of prejudice and conflict
  • Stereotyping and prejudice
  • Different effects of conflict alleviating anger, fear and distress
  • Role of agencies involved in reduction of conflicts

    EMU 3/CH 1: interdependence, continuity and change in family, school, community and society:

  • Interdependence of different communities in N.I. and causes/consequences of integration/segregation
  • Global interdependence and impact of environmental change
  • Developed world's response to developing world

    EMU 4/CH2 and 3: cultural traditions, shared, diverse and distinctive features; international influences; pupils observe:

  • Different roles in family, homes, schools, e.g. festivals, beliefs
  • Positive and negative aspects of cultural diversity
  • International/transnational organisations and pressure groups

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