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Teachers: Citizenship: Globalisation Environmental

Last Updated: Tuesday November 09 2004 15:17 GMT

Wales: Citizenship

These are the guidelines for your area. The bold type indicates which content this lesson covers.

Knowledge and understanding

Social Aspect

  • Changing relationships in school and family.
  • Cultural differences, prejudice and stereotyping.

    Community Aspect

  • Communities, diversity, justice, the law and interdependence
  • Democracy in Wales, the rights and responsibilities of a young citizen
  • Know how representatives are elected and what their roles are

    Spiritual Aspect

  • Be aware of their character, strengths and weaknesses
  • Students' beliefs and values in the context of society and the media

    Moral Aspect

  • Recognise moral issues
  • Know what they believe to be right and wrong

    Environmental Aspect

  • Interdependence of global systems, effects of human development
  • Understand the key issues of sustainable development

    Attitudes and values

  • Value cultural diversity, equal opportunity, respect the dignity of all
  • Be disciplined and take responsibility for actions and decisions
  • Be moved by injustice, exploitation and denial of human rights
  • Be committed to practical involvement in the community
  • Develop a sense of personal responsibility towards the environment


  • Communicate feelings and views confidently
  • Critically evaluate others' viewpoints and messages from the media
  • Empathise with others' experiences and feelings
  • Use a range of strategies to resolve conflict
  • Make moral judgements and resolve moral issues and dilemmas
  • Take part in debates and vote on issues

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