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Last Updated: Tuesday November 09 2004 10:54 GMT



Anakin Skywalker
The first teaser poster for Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith is out.

Students write an adjective-rich description of the poster.

Learning aims

  • An adjective describes a person, place or thing
  • Use adjectives to improve a piece of writing


    Discuss the meaning of the word adjective - a word that describes a person, place or thing.

    Ask students to underline the adjectives in this story.

    They are:

  • long-awaited
  • first
  • big
  • moody-looking
  • red
  • black

    Ask students: Why is the number of adjectives in a news story often kept to a minimum? A report gives the facts without a lot of elaboration. Other forms of writing, like fictional novels use adjectives to help the reader imagine a picture of what is being described.

    Explain that first is an adjective but also an ordinal number (like scond, third, fourth).

    Students may also think that bigger and baddest are adjectives. Explain to them that big and bad are adjectives but that bigger is a comparative, meaning more big than, and baddest is a superlative, meaning the most evil.

    Warm up

    Draw up a class list of adjectives to do with people, places and things.

    Use this list for inspiration. These adjectives could be used to describe people or animals:

    adventurous, aggressive, beautiful, bold, boring, calm, caring, clever, cunning, cute, dainty, funny, good-looking, grumpy, handsome, happy, hard-working, helpful, honest, merry, moody, neat, plain, plump, practical, pretty, rich, rough, scruffy, short, shy, silly, slim, smart, stupid, sweet, tall, ugly, wrinkled

    Main activity

    For classrooms with an interactive white board linked to the internet

    In groups, students make a list of adjectives to describe Anakin, his cloak and the mood of the poster.

    They write an adjective-rich description of the poster. It might help to imagine they are writing for a blind person.

    For classrooms without an interactive whiteboard

    Students make the story even more interesting by adding adjectives to describe people and things.

    Extension activity

    Students sort all the adjectives they have used into the categories of what they describe: people, places or things.


    Recap on the function of adjectives (they describe nouns) and hear children's description of the poster or improvements to the news story.

  • Curriculum relevence

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