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Last Updated: Monday November 08 2004 18:13 GMT

SpaceShipOne team wins $10m prize

SpaceShipOne has won the $10m X-Prize

The team behind the SpaceShipOne craft that took a man into space have won a $10m prize and trophy for doing it.

SpaceShipOne was the first craft not built by a country to take someone into space and bring them back safely.

The prize, called the Ansari X-Prize, was thought up to try and encourage private businesses to design and build spacecraft of their own.

Businessman Sir Richard Branson is planning on using the technology to take members of the public into space.


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Sir Richard hopes the first flights will take place in 2007, but they won't be cheap, costing more than £100,000 a ticket!

Next year a new competition, called the X-Prize Cup, will take place in New Mexico in the US for groups to show off their space technolog ideas.

The people behind the X-Prize are also planning on launching prizes to encourage people to try and solve other scientific problems.