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Last Updated: Tuesday November 09 2004 15:29 GMT

Adam Quiz

NR presenter Adam Fleming

Question 1

What's Adam ambition?

A: To ski down a black run
B: Swim more than two lengths
C: Sky dive

Question 2

What's Adam's fav food?

A: Pizza
B: Chinese
C: Roast chicken

Question 3

Who is Sally?

A: His older sister
B: His twin sister
C: His younger sister

Question 4

What's he allergic to?

A: Peanuts
B: Potatos
C: Pumpkins

Question 5

What year was he born?

A: 1985
B: 1980
C: 1975
D: 1970

Question 6

What colour is Adam's favourite jumper?

A: Blue
B: Brown
C: Green

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