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Last Updated: Tuesday November 09 2004 17:58 GMT

Lizo Quiz

NR presenter Lizo Mzimba

Question 1

What's his favourite item of clothing?

A: Bullseye t shirt
B: Elvis t shirt
C: Denim jacket

Question 2

What does Lizo's brother do?

A: Surgeon
B: Teacher
C: Dentist

Question 3

When's Lizo's birthday?

A: 6 September
B: 6 November
C: 6 December

Question 4

Why does Lizo like goldfish?

A: People say he looks like one
B: They are easy to look after
C: They are underrated as pets

Question 5

What's Lizo scared of?

A: Snakes
B: Vomit
C: The sea

Question 6

What's his favourite colour?

A: Doesn't have one
B: Blue
C: Red

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