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Last Updated: Monday November 08 2004 17:50 GMT

Laura Quiz

NR presenters Laura, Ellie and Lizo

Question 1

What were Laura's rabbits called?

A: Lucky and Snowy
B: Buttons and Snowy
C: Bobby and Lucky

Question 2

What does Laura want to do if she builds up enough courage?

A: Sky dive
B: Bungee jump
C: Swim the English channel to France

Question 3

What type of roast is Laura's favourite food?

A: Chicken
B: Beef
C: Pork

Question 4

What gadget could Laura not live without?

A: Ipod
B: Mobile phone
C: Digital camera

Question 5

What did she set up at her school?

A: Radio station
B: Hockey club
C: School newspaper

Question 6

Where did Laura live until she was 11?

A: Lampeter
B: Leeds
C: Luton

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